Councillorship positions play an important role in the GG Gamers community. They are the community faces that users see every day and they are a part of call for helping and assisting with questions, problems and difficulties that users may be experiencing.

What we look for:

  • Maturity and good character
  • Activity within the community (Must be active)
  • Commitment and effort to the stream team and community (While we don’t expect you to spend your entire life on the community, a little bit of commitment and effort can go a long way).
  • Clear understanding of the community guidelines

Please make sure that your responses to the below questions are clear and concise. You may be asked in to do an interview and/or trial period before a decision is made.

Good luck!

GG Councillorship Application
Applications are reviewed and processed as soon as possible. Additional information, interviewing and a probational period may be required before a final decision.
What's your preferred name?
(IE JohnDoe#4321)

We lead by example

(This can be IRL or online)
What can we do to improve the community overall?
Put some thought in to it, your introduction will be used on our website and other platforms when we promote you!
By submitting your application, you agree to uphold the rules & guidelines of the our community to the best of your ability in the interest of the community initiatives. You agree to respect all community members, regardless of rank, and hold yourself accountable for your actions.