What you need to know about PokeOne Game.

An amazing information is just landed in our portal box about the brand new MMORPG in the Pokemon series. Probably some symbolic pain similar to PokeMMO?

Fortunately, we were wrong. It was about PokeOne, which looks really awesome.

This project has been heard less or more since the middle of the previous year, but it is still in the production phase and some portion is already released and ready to play. Every few weeks new features are added, although it is difficult to talk about the complete finished version yet. You still need some wait for this.

Although the game play, as well as graphics in PokeOne, stand much better than in Pokemon Blaze Online and PokeMMO, the battles between our creatures are still played in a classic style. For some, it will be a positive point, for others it will be negative.

If everything goes well with this brand new title, we should get the premiere in the second half of the ongoing year. Pokemon is always an attractive thing. Plus, MMORPGfans have not yet seen a real game, so such “fakes” are only to experience play with PokΓ©mon.

PokeOne does not have an official website right now. The only platform is the server on Discord, where you will find all the latest information you need. There you can also get a testing of PokeOne.

We are not saying the game is bad, it looks great. We think that the name could use some improvement in it.After all, it’s the first product people will see or test before the actual play. We point this out because we want to see the game jumps to the peak point, it is meant as a criticism, not ranting. Its predecessor has an awesome name, Pokemon Revolution Online, it implies a difference from other games. For us it is the best game we played so far in the series so you should also check it out.

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