Welcome to the Support Crew application!

To be accepted on the Support Crew means that GG Gamers has recognized  you as an individual who provides quality assistance and services in and out of our niche. It allows anyone in our community who may have projects, needs assistance, or a service you can provide, to know their getting the best outcome.


GG Gamers does not collect any fee’s or charges. You as a support crew decide if you offer any services for a price or free.

GG Support Crew Application
Applications are reviewed and processed as soon as possible. Additional information, interviewing and a probational period may be required before a final decision.
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Can you help with the Technical?

Examples: You are an expert with streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs, or know how to solve audio setups and problems, you might know how to build or setup a bot, what ever your skill may be, let us know them all!

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