Fortnite’s New SMG

Fortnite added a new SMG today. This new addition came at a cost of the tactical SMG to be vaulted.  As you can see this new SMG looks like the suppress SMG but without the silencer, many many fans of the tactical SMG are sad, its time to see what this new SMG has in store for us. SO lets take a look at some of the stats shall we.

The new SMG comes in three variations: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. It’s damage ranges from 19-21, uses light ammo and sits on a 30 round magazine. With this a player can hold their own in close quarters combat, but I don’t think this new gun will have any long or medium range benefits.

Overall it’s a suppressed SMG without the suppression, little more extra damage and is suppose to have reduced accuracy while moving, and includes a faster rate of fire. Obviously this isn’t our loved Tactical SMG but I am sure it will make its mark in no time!

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