Full Screen Liquid Notification Stream Alert

This is a full screen liquid notification stream alert you can use with streamlabs and OBS. You can follow the guide below to setup this notification in streamlabs, no prime needed. You can download this alert notification video only in our discord.

For this example we will setup the ‘follow’ alert, just replicate these settings for all the alerts you want to add this too.

1: Make sure this alert is enabled and on.

2: Select the middle option with text centered on image.

3: Leave the first animation option on none, put the second on Fade Out.

4: {name} <br/> is following this chit!  (only change the “is following this chit!” part)

5: Set any text animation you want, this does not affect anything.

6: Select any sound you want, and make sure this notification alert is selected for the image/video

6A: Upload the alert notification, check mark it, then click select.

7: Set sound volume to 66. You can control it with OBS to fine tune it.

8: Alert Duration must be 7 seconds.

9: Alert Text Delay must be 2 seconds.

10: Font: Carter One (You can pick any one, just may need resizing)

11:Font Size: 50px

12: Font Weight: 500

13: Text Color : FFFFFF and F808E6   (you can change these but check to make sure it look good)

Thats it! Click SAVE on streamlabs!

Here is how this will work in your OBS:

You will make your alert 1920 x 1080
Check mark all those boxes and this will help keep it operating correctly.

Click Test Follow on your streamlabs page and watch your OBS, if you have done everything correctly it should work just like the video above!  Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoy!

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