Leaked – Fortnite’s Season Five Map

Season five of Fortnite is just around the corner, and there should be some interesting changes waiting.

You damn well know they did not want this map leaked out, but nothing is kept secret very long this day and age. The guys at DieBuddies has managed to get hold of an image, and dropped a video today.




Season 5 should be here Thursday 7-12-2018 1AM PST, 4AM EST.

Eurogamer has reported that even though it starts two days later than originally scheduled in-game, it actually gives you more time on your Season 4 Battle Pass progress and challenges. As with previous seasons, all previous challenges will be wiped when Season 5 begins, so you better get your game time in now if you still trying to unlock something.


It looks like the theme is going to be time travel, as there have been several clues so far regarding random leaks of objects from the past into the current game.




An ancient Greek anchor has been found with loads of other stuff like a rocket from the enemy lair on the west side of the map attempted to destroy the Tilted Towers. Obviously, it failed and punctuated the air, causing a huge crack in the sky.


Rumor is this rip in the sky may cause a time and space portal that brings past into present or maybe into an entirely different ‘fortiverse’. I guess TIME will only tell.


My reaction when someone tells me…

Fortnite Battle Royale 2018 NEW MAP