Spit Lag Streaming Schedule for October-December 2018

Yes we did, we finally got a small schedule set. We will keep you updated of any changes! Thank you to all our fans out there, don’t forget to join our gaming group as we will be giving away a lot of cool treasure in the near future! 

Monday: Natedawg 11am-2pm | Cypher 8pm-11pm

Tuesday: Cypher 8pm-11pm

Wednesday: JJAssassin 8am-11am | Natedawg 7pm-10pm

Thursday: Natedawg 11am-2pm | Cypher 8pm-11pm

Friday: Natedawg 5pm-8pm

Saturday: Natedawg 11am-2pm

*Schedule subject to change, streams will also happen outside of those times. 

Music: Sucker For Pain by The Backing Baristas

Fortnite Shock Wave Grenade Trick-Shot

Trying out the Disco Domination Mode in Fortnite (rerun)